A bilateral metamorphosis that plays with contrasts and their fusion partially blurs feminine and masculine boundaries and renders them indistinct. These coverings turn the body into a neutral object, in contrast to its unveiling which shows the differences between genders and emphasizes feminine charms.

The collection is made up of 20 outfits with minute details that play with showing or covering the body. Some elements almost vanish in a fog with only their outlines being visible, others can be seen clearly. High-quality, classic materials are combined with modern, unconventional ones. Wool, loden, fine and resilient jersey, leather, bronze – flowing and solid robust materials are merged into the whole. Colors range from black and grey to brown and beige and include tones of coral and nude. Nuances that almost jar are brought together and, as a whole, end up matching. Silhouettes are many and vary depending on how the garments are worn. Close-fitting items that accentuate the body can be found in the collection as well as wide square-shaped or flowing items that trace the silhouette and come to life with the movements of the body. Every item is as individual as the person who wears it and the pieces are intended to be combined, brought to life, and given their own personal character by the wearer.

Verena Helzel

Diploma thesis 2010

Deutsche Meisterschule für Mode
Fachschule für Schnitt und Entwurf München

Roland Müller-Neumeister