General information

This is to inform visitors to this site that the operators of websites for which links are included in may save and analyze visitors’ data. The same applies to websites operated on external servers by the Government of the State of Bavaria. Please note the information regarding data protection on the respective websites and the information published by the Government of the State of Bavaria regarding behavior in social networks.

Technical operation

The website is operated by
Sandstein Neue Medien GmbH
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Whenever you call up this or other websites, your web browser transmits data to our web server. The data listed below is recorded when your web browser and our web server communicate:

date and time of a request

page from which a file was requested

status (file transmitted, file not found, etc.)

web browser and operating system used

the IP address of the requesting computer will be archived in an anonymized manner (the last octet will be deleted)

volume of data transmitted

For technical safety reasons including, but not limited to, protection against attacks to our web server, we store this data and anonymize it by shortening the respective IP address at the domain level so individual users cannot be traced. We process this data exclusively for the said purpose and in an anonymized form for statistical purposes. We do not compare it with other data and do not forward it to third parties in full or in part.


Every time you access our website, our server saves cookies on your hard drive which are valid for the duration of your visit to our website. Cookies are small datasets saved on your computer while you peruse our web offerings. They serve only to capture the frequency and duration of visits to our website and to collect orders for publications (see below) in your cart.

To this end, your IP address will be captured but it will be processed in an anonymized manner. Data will not be analyzed with reference to individual persons. In your browser settings you can define whether you want all or some of the cookies to be deleted automatically when you close your browser. If you have deactivated your cookies function, you will not be able to place an order online.

Active elements

The website uses active elements including Javascript, Java Applets and Flash. You can deactivate this function in your browser settings.

Analyzing user behavior (web tracking systems)

We use programs to analyze user behavior only in an anonymized form. To this end, your IP address first is anonymized and then analyzed. You can deactivate this function in your browser settings.

After we have analyzed all access during a year, all of the recorded data will be deleted. We carry out these analyses monthly and annually and delete the data in February of the following year. Statistics are analyzed by the Internet team of the State Ministry; Sandstein Neue Medien is in charge of data deletion on behalf of the Bavarian State Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy.

Collecting other data

The website offers you the opportunity to enter personal or business data (e-mail addresses, names, postal addresses) when you write to the Ministry, place an order, subscribe to a newsletter, post feedback or participate in discussion forums. The use of these services is expressly voluntary.

If you order a publication using the relevant order lists on our website, your order may be forwarded to Binderei+Versand Ernst Vögel GmbH, Kalvarienbergstraße 28, 93491 Stamsried, Germany. For logistical reasons, this company has been commissioned by us to dispatch large volumes of material and undertakes to delete your data once your order has been processed. Alternatively, you can place an order by phone, fax and/or mail to the Ministry. In these cases, your data will be deleted after your order has been processed.

Your e-mail address for newsletter dispatch will be saved on the newsletter server of the Bavarian Office for Statistics and Data Processing and will be used in connection with the dispatch of newsletters exclusively. If you cancel your subscription to the newsletter, your e-mail address will be deleted automatically.

In any case (orders, newsletters, feedback, discussion forums), the personal data you submit (mainly your name and e-mail address) will be used to dispatch the publications or information you ordered or for the purposes explicitly listed in the forms exclusively and will not be disclosed to third parties.


Unencoded information that you e-mail to us may be read by third parties during transmission. In general, we cannot verify your identity and do not know who an e-mail address belongs to. Hence, we cannot guarantee legally secure communication by simple e-mail. Like many other e-mail providers, we have spam filters in place that on rare occasions may identify normal e-mails as unwanted advertising automatically and delete them. To the extent possible, we will clean e-mails containing viruses or, if not possible, we will delete them.

If you wish to send messages to us that require protection, we recommend that you encode and sign them to prevent them being read by unauthorized third parties and/or being corrupted during transmission. You also may send your message to us by mail.

Please address your S/MIME-encoded and signed e-mails to


1. You will need a personal S/MIME certificate issued to your personal e-mail address. After having registered it with the provider (see please install this certificate in the certificate memory of your browser from where you can export it as a file upon demand. Then, install the certificate in your e-mail client (for instructions, please see )

2. Please enter the LDAP server “” with the search base “ou=pki-teilnehmer,dc=pki,CE=bayern,dc=de” in your e-mail client so that the mailroom can send you a public key to encode your e-mail. In your LDAP directory, please select “Poststelle (StMWi)” .

3. In order for the public certificate of PKI Bayern (issued to to be verified by your e-mail client, you need the certificate of the Issuing CA which you can obtain on the Internet at

The currently valid format of the “Bayerische VPKI Class3 Issuing CA-2011” is (*.cer (DER)). Please download it then double click it to import it to the certificate memory. You then have to restart your e-mail client.

To obtain encoded emails from us, please enter your public key in your e-mail or indicate the name of the key directory.

Contact and further information

If you have any questions regarding data protection in connection with this website, please contact the Privacy Officer of the Bavarian State Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy at

For further information on the topic, please refer to the website of the Bavarian State Officer for Data Protection at (