Kausalkomplexe (Causal Complexes) deal with globalization in relation to our capitalist economy. They convey the understanding that our actions at the local or global level often have far-reaching effects.

Kausalkomplexe provide insights into a world that we otherwise would not notice. All of the information in the construct is intertwined based on the principle of cause and effect and is subject to the laws of causality.

This work contributes to educating the public regarding world politics. Viewers are given significant insight into the complexity of globalization beyond that of daily media coverage.

Kausalkomplexe are a lengthy journey through the evolutionary processes of products and their far-reaching implications for people, the environment, politics and even entire countries. They explain the way our complex economic system works, why laws are made with corporations’ interests in mind, and how corporations manage to manipulate everybody and everything to their own advantage. Allegedly harmless consumer products are used to create clear connections between the viewer and world politics, for example, what cell phones have to do with war in the Congo, T-shirts with poisoned penguins, and fish with the arms industry, as well as how viewers are caught up in it all.

Marc Nonnenmacher

Diploma thesis 2010

HAW Fachhochschule
Studiengang Kommunikationsdesign

Prof. Stefan Bufler
Jürgen Hefele