tabula rasa – photographic watermarks

A special process has been developed to transfer detailed photos to paper in the form of watermarks in a relatively independent manner and at low cost. The process combines digital imaging and silk-screen printing with the traditional technique of papermaking.

Every sheet is made up of four layers of paper which facilitates the simulation of four hues. During the process of papermaking, recesses are cut into the fibrous web on a screen. To obtain a motif, four extremely thin layers of fibrous web with recesses in different locations are couched on top of one another (i.e., pressed onto a dry felt) and then pressed to form a sheet.

The layered watermarks make it possible to delineate the different hues clearly and create contrasting images on the paper.

Andrea Nieke

Diploma thesis 2008

Burg Giebichenstein
Kunsthochschule Halle
Studiengang Konzeptkunst Buch

Prof. Mechthild Lobisch
Prof. Magdalena Drebber