„mamelle“ is a measuring device for immediate on-site diagnosis of udder infections in dairy cows. This disease occurs very frequently in dairy farming and can cause increased germ exposure of the milk and even the death of the animal. Treatment consists of antibiotics. In order to administer the right antibiotic, the nature of the pathogenic germs must be identified.

Up to now, a milk sample has been examined in the laboratory. Several days pass from the date of the milk sampling to the result. Frequently, the cow is treated on spec before the laboratory analysis, as this is the only way to react immediately to the disease. After the analysis results have been obtained, the treatment is adapted, possibly with a further antibiotic, which is precisely matched to the prevailing germ.

„mamelle“ allows an immediate examination of the milk. The instrument combines sampling, measurement and display of results in one product. Using Raman spectroscopy, an optical measurement method, the type and number of pathogenic germs are determined within a few seconds. Thus it is possible to initiate the right treatment immediately. The cow can recover as quickly as possible and the use of antibiotics is reduced to a minimum.


bachelor thesis 2016

Muthesius Kunsthochschule Kiel
Studiengang Industriedesign

Prof. Detlef Rhein
Prof. Dr. Rosan Chow





“Nini Amici” are small animal friends made out of elmwood. A magnetic plug-in system allows the player to attach all different kinds of body parts to the toys main bodies. Depending on what animal you want to create the particular bricks can function as the head, the tail, the humps etc. Because of the puristic shape you can model a wide range of familiar animal silhouettes, but also discover new, fantastical species. The NINIs are a dynamic game, which is full of surprises for both children and grown-ups. You can either buy them ready made or in a do it yourself assembly kit. They are one result of the aim to bring back product value by self production and are now part of the Start-Up concept „<link http: _blank extern dingwerkstatt>Ding­werkstatt“, which is trying to raise awareness for fair production and moderate consumption with DIY product ideas.


bachelor thesis 2015

Hochschule Coburg
Integriertes Produktdesign

Prof. Anne Bergner