Home Chare – a care chair

Home Chare is a combination of wheelchair, stretcher and device for lifting patients. It reduces the number of auxiliary products required and makes taking care of patients easier. It facilitates the often problematic transfer of patients (moving to another chair, being lifted or standing up). The chair can be adjusted to allow three variable positions – lying down, sitting up or standing.

The chair’s modular design consists of a sitting unit and a transportation unit linked through an asymmetrical connector. The transportation module is exchangeable and the wheelchair module with gripping wheels can be replaced, for example, with a wheeled trolley module for use in home environments. Using the universal connector, the seat module can be linked to a stair lift or a vehicle. Patients do not need to be lifted and placed into another chair.

The seat adjustment uses electro­active polymers that combine drive technology and carrier material. The form of the polymers is manipulated in a targeted manner through electric tension to facilitate diverse ergonomic seating positions.

Christen Halter

Diploma thesis 2008

Hochschule Darmstadt
Fachbereich Gestaltung
Studiengang Industriedesign 

Prof. Tom Philipps