H/ausgeflochten – kit for braiding a wooden igloo


Braiding is one of the most primitive methods of building rooms or protective coverings. This is due to the simplicity of the stable bonds that are created by applying pressure to alternating sides and reshaping pliable materials. H/ausgeflochten is a kit that leads interested, creative builders back to these roots.

In a playful manner, the user creates a braided half-sphere that can be used as a temporary space to retreat to, whether in the garden or in part of a large room. Following the instructions, users first connect the prefabricated strips with the doublings and O-shaped rings to create the basic structure which is then braided strip by strip. Without specifications, yet always taking care that the structure turns into an orderly disorder, braiding is an interesting task for young and old alike.

The UV-stabilized O-rings and 4 mm strips of birch plywood glued together with waterproof glue are extremely pliable materials that suit the purpose perfectly.

Emmanuel Heringer

Final thesis 2007

Akademie für Gestaltung im Handwerk München