Nonwovens – textiles with incorporated natural materials


Textiles that incorporate diverse natural materials are developed for the label Nonwovens. In the course of the manufacturing process, these natural materials create the structures and patterns in the textiles, sometimes even the colors. Nonwovens are used by interior designers for space and surface design.

Time and again, nature is the source of inspiration for design processes and, hence, nature also is the foundation of the development of fabrics. Nature’s colors, shapes and structures have been recreated and illustrated on textiles many times. The challenge was to connect textiles and nature in a way that would enable nature to design the fabrics itself using its inert power to design. Since the natural materials are incorporated into the textiles permanently, nature’s original shapes and colors remain visible and appear in a modern context.

The idea for these textiles originated during the artist’s studies; as a freelancer he developed them into market-ready products.

Sylvia Döhler


Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften Hof
Abteilung Münchberg
Fakultät Textil + Design
Studiengang Textildesign

Prof. Michael Barta