SRD – Sea Rescue Device

The world of the miniscule – the micro-sphere – contains numerous fascinating phenomena. One of them is the amoeba, a form of life that constantly changes its appearance. This phenomenon was the inspiration and served as the foundation for SRD.

Be it mobile drilling platforms, cruise or transportation ships, or oceangoing yachts – emergencies at sea inevitably are life-threatening situations. Three factors are important to the success of any rescue operation:

1.) it must be clear that somebody has gone overboard;
2.) despite rough waters, the victim must remain in sight; and
3.) the victim must be rescued quickly.

These factors inspired the idea that led to the development of an automatic lifeguard able to find a person in the water, form into a life belt around and hold him or her above the water and, thus, facilitate the victim’s rescue.

Christian Westarp

Diploma thesis 2008

Hochschule Darmstadt
Fachbereich Gestaltung
Studiengang Industriedesign

Prof. Tom Philipps