As recipients of external influences while moving within spaces, people constantly are exposed to the interaction between their bodies and the environment. Through correlative presentation, the sensorial capture of these values can be used to show causal connections.

Located visualization makes it possible to optimize the processes of perception in Augmented Reality. To this end, an avatar – a digital counterpart – is used to provide direct feedback on the personal state. States are “frozen” in relation to their location and, retrospectively, users can identify the progress of their own systems in a located manner. This information can be retrieved and interpreted in a virtual model for subsequent review.

The application must be regarded as a principle sketch. Depending on how the application is used and the values measured, diverse fields can benefit – from medicine and sports to environmental biology and even automotive operations. The application also can be used to optimize processes for space research.

Sebastian Gläser

Master thesis 2008

Fachhochschule Würzburg-Schweinfurt
Fakultät Gestaltung
Master Information-Design

Prof. Erich Schöls
Prof. Uli Braun