“Abseits” (German for offside) represents a new, multi-coloured, different form of football youth culture. Using clothes as a means to process the subject, the collection aims at uncovering depth behind a broad and seemingly superficial topic. Stereotypes are being analyzed, adapted, developed and broken down. In an improvised yet powerful manner, “Abseits” advocates values that tend to get pushed into an offside position. Football as a medium is being charged with the responsibility of calling attention to an outdated value system and propagating new ideals. Fashion needs to hurt, irritate – even become a form of resistance. The “Abseits“ rebellion is not brutal or bloody, it’s a positive rebellion, loud and colourful.

lena gedon

bachelor thesis 2016

Hochschule Pforzheim
Fakultät für Gestaltung / Mode

Prof. Claudia Throm
Prof. Matthias Kohlmann