Recreating Movement – a tool for assessing processes in films


Recreating Movement is an interactive tool that can be used to assess film sequences in three-dimensional spaces. New insights into the structure of filmed material and movements are facilitated by the use of various filters and settings. With the tool, individual images can be extracted from sequences and arranged one after the other in three-dimensional spaces. The result is a tube-like complex that “freezes” a specific time span of the film.

The keyboard can be used to navigate and to view any film sequence. The menu bar can be used to apply direct influence on individual images. In addition to basic functions, such as setting the intervals between images, selecting images, previewing or playing the film, there is a series of other useful tools that, for example, allow users to eliminate specific color areas of images so that only the main motif is displayed. This way, complex sequences of movements are turned into informative graphics that display in similar sizes.

Martin Hilpoltsteiner

Diploma thesis 2005

Fachhochschule Würzburg-Schweinfurt
Fachbereich Gestaltung

Prof. Erich Schöls
Prof. Kerstin Stutterheim