Ofen – concept for and design of an oven

The oven is made of refractory concrete, chamotte and metal. Plates cast from refractory concrete form the body of the oven and are held in place by metal clamps that serve as feet. On the top of the oven, the three metal clamps come together to form a metal plate that also holds the exhaust pipe. All of the metal parts have been stained and oiled; the concrete has been left untreated.

The idea was that the construction, that is, the fusion of materials, would make sense and be coherent. The model is based on a single system. The three feet that embrace the six plates are identical and run up to the metal plate at the top. At the bottom of the oven, they come back together and close the system. A broad band runs around the oven; starting at the plate it continues to the foot at the back, forms the floor support and then leads back to the plate through the oven door.

The targeted use of steel and concrete is symbolic of the nature and characteristics of the materials – the steel feet and clamps absorb the push and pull forces, have a stabilizing effect and can expand; the concrete provides static support and stores and slowly emits heat. The materials need each other to be able to function. Similar to concrete, the oven’s architecture forms a harmonic unit.

Andreas Reiter


Akademie für Handwerksdesign
Gut Rosenberg

Elmar Heimbach