Supermarkt der Zukunft


a concept for real sustainability and modern shopping of tomorrow 

Oriented towards of the re-use system in the beverage sector, the “Supermarket of the Future” describes a sustainable concept to reduce packaging waste, to conserve resources and to take individual customer wishes into account when purchasing food. The use of reusable filling containers in combination with re-writable RFID chips brings the digitization into a meaningful context to environmental friendliness and qualified for our grandchildren, and also strengthens small, more resilient economic areas, as well as the core competences of the food retail trade. Consumers receive the greatest possible freedom and security in product compilation and selection. Enterprises create increased customer loyalty while optimizing the use of personnel. The focus is on the natural circulation principle and the conscious handling of nature.

Manuel Körner

master thesis 2016

Hochschule Coburg
Masterstudiengang Interior 
Architecture and Architectural Design

Prof. Rudolf Schricker