The Soma Chair interprets the draft of a lounge chair in an easy way. The Lounge Chair consists of several elements. The seating is appealing and filigree but defined as a closed unit. Limited through the stainless steel frame and shaped with vertical elements of a cantilever chair, the Soma Chair generates a flexible and body adapting space. The tubular frame borders the chair and focusses to perspective on the stretched and shaped fabric. Attached with zippers, many opportunities of individualization are given. The combination of the tubular frame and planar and stretched fabric is continued in the lower part of the chair. The casted aluminum stand captures the planar outlook of the stretched fabric in its flat tails. A cylinder made of the same material provides the junction to the frame.

Janis Fromm
Florestan Schuberth

bachelor thesis 2015

Hochschule für bildende
Künste Hamburg
Studiengang Produktdesign

Prof. Glen Oliver Löw