The closet made of silver fir – a traditional material from local forests – is mobile and can be arranged freely in the room. All elevations, whether front, side or rear panel are formally designed the same. They form a unity in the interplay of joints and upright boards in different thicknesses and widths.

Material and construction emphasize the simplicity of the furniture, piano hinges and cast iron castors show high usability. The different thicknesses and widths of the boards make the hard contours of the boxy furniture disappear in a gentle movement. The brushed surface reinforces this wavelike look, as the castors pick up the issue movement. Due to the uniform surface design and the honesty of the materials, the furniture looks more like a prototype – like an idea that floats in space and leaves the user room for manoeuvre.

Franz Leonard Sommer

journeyman thesis 2014

Schulen für Holz und Gestaltung
Berufsfachschule für Schreiner

Dieter Lenk
Ferdinand Mayer-Widenhorn