The inspiration for this collection was the story of Peter Pan, who abducted Wendy and her brothers from their bedroom to a place where children never grow up. Night-shirts, the desire for nostalgia, simplicity and the return to paradise: thereby the viewer is taken into the designer’s personally created world.

Since the story is about children, unisex plays an important role. Men wear long shirts that look like gowns and as details there are frills and bows. All cuts are rather wide and not aligned with the body. Not only the details, but also the material and the silhouette reflect playfulness and lightness. An important source of inspiration was the nightwear and underwear of the 19th century. Airy and flowing fabrics in bright nuances and shades of white go up to an earthy terracotta and dark green, which earths and reflect Peter Pan’s land of adventure.

Bernadette Zdrazil

final thesis 2015

Deutsche Meisterschule für Mode
Designschule München

Aleksey Kremlev-Hamel 
Roland Müller-Neumeister