Implying Lines


art in fashion and the Position of the observer 

The bachelor thesis deals with the work “Ttéia” by Lygia Pape, which aroused a fascination during a personal visit to the Venice Biennale and ultimately led to the creation of a collection that reflects the peculiarities of that work. This is an installation with golden threads, which are stretched in a dark room from the ceiling to the floor and are bundled in different sized wooden squares. Underneath the ceiling lighting, light cones are formed which run through each other, whose golden strands, depending on the position of the observer, disappear in the dark or appear in the light. 

However, the collection is intended not only to portray the external characteristics, but also to adopt and continue the statement of the artist. In the case of Lygia Pape it is about the demand of the neokonkretists, who request a participation of the viewer in order to complete the work. If this thought is transferred to a piece of clothing, it is up to the outside observer to decide freely whether he is wearing or touching the clothing. Only important is the interaction from which he draws his personal opinion on the artworthiness of the work and at the same time re-analyzes the relationship between fashion and art.

Nathalie Schenkel

bachelor thesis 2015

Mediadesign Hochschule München
Studiengang Modedesign

Prof. Arnold Gevers

Amann Group