Derived from Indo-Western clothing, the collection Conquest of Nature unites a well-adjusted balance of the Western and the Indian cultures. In a western-inspired world, women have enough freedom of movement to feel free in their actions as working women. The wrappings of western clothing enable women to adapt flexibly to situations and to reinterpret themselves according to their emotional state.The Indian roots are unmistakable in the wrapping, embroidery and material quality.The predominant colour, white, lends women a completely new look. They are wearing the colour of the saints, and thus receive the respect and equality that is owed to them as the cradle of human life.

sara Kadesch

bachelor thesis 2014

Esmod Berlin
Studiengang Fashion Design

Supervisor: Yasmina Benferhat

Model: Polly Jenkinson
Agency: Indeed Models Berlin
Photographer: Eva Haftmann
Hair and Make-up: Miriam Günther