Wolt – Wind energy in the vineyard

Wolt facilitates the efficient dual use of modern vineyards – in addition to harvesting grapes Wolt makes it possible to harvest energy. Inspired by windbelt technology, Wolt generates power using a ribbon oscillating in the wind rather than using a rotor. Because the energy output exceeds the volume required for wine production, ecological viniculture with a sound energy balance is possible.

Wolt consists of hundreds of elements that are mounted on posts throughout the vineyard and connected above ground. The system uses the existing infrastructure in modern vineyards and builds on it. While grapes are harvested once a year, wind energy can be harvested throughout the year.

Wolt was designed as a cost-efficient, low-maintenance and robust alternative to current wind power plants.


Diploma thesis 2010

Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences,
Department of Design,
Industrial Design

Prof. Tino Melzer