rien ne va plus

This work deals with life between the poles of asserting your own personality, the radical process of self-discovery, and forced adaption to society and its pursuit of perfection.

Establishing ourselves in this environment corresponds to a warlike conflict. Our longing to embrace traditional values, trust in the imperturbability of fundamental principles and be strong individuals plays an essential role.

The hard outer shell of the seemingly strong warrior conceals self-consciousness, insecurity, our anonymity in society and our artificial, superficial environment. Disoriented, the warrior stands alone in this fast-paced world.

“The world no longer is a home to me; current times are my prison.”

The style of the collection was inspired by martial symbolism, expressed with prominent military motifs that break up clearly-realized lines. The use of high-contrast materials and the collection’s multi-faceted items reflects a sense of conflict.

Katrin Meyer

Diploma collection 2010

AMD Academy of Fashion and Design
Fashion Design

Prof. Dr. h.c. Ali Ansari
Gundi Patscheider
Emma Warner
Petra Lernhart
David Krebs