Insight inside

To provide a glimpse of what is hidden inside – this is the aim of the Insight inside textile collection, the desire to deepen the view from mere superficial observation.

The concept behind this collection is the exploration and development of textile structures that combine the contrasting effects of transparency and complexity. The results are multi-layered textiles with a degree of transparency and fabricated openings through which the viewer is able to glimpse the layers beneath the surface of the fabrics. Thanks to bonding techniques and the use of elastic materials, the textiles form independent sculptural shapes.

The collection includes 15 textile patterns created on a hand loom. Producing them using machine looms could prove challenging. The functional use of the textiles deliberately has been left to the wearer. Insight inside is characterized by the development and creative use of bonding techniques as well as a combination of various materials. The subtle interaction of natural and synthetic yarns creates new aesthetic expressions of form and offers options for sustainable design.

Carmen Brecheis

Bachelor thesis 2010

Hochschule Hof
Abteilung Münchberg
Studiengang Textildesign

Prof. Anita Oswald
Prof. Dietmar Spörl