Amarok – dogsled

Amarok is a dogsled designed to travel long-distances, a sporting device that can be used for tours of many days duration, typically, off the beaten path.

The design takes into consideration the requirements of such a product which were communicated in discussions with sled drivers and builders. Amarok’s modern appearance is characterized by functional traits such as the ergonomic holding clamp, the innovative steering brake system, the damped main connections and functional luggage sac.

The result is a sled that is easy to maneuver despite its size. The driver can use his or her whole body when driving. Thanks to the steering brake, the sled offers active control of the sled and, thus, supports the driver in all difficult maneuvers without compromising the efficiency of a traditional brake. In Amarok, all of the components are combined into one unambiguous product which emphasizes the sled’s proximity to nature.

Christof Wetzel | Jaana Husso

Diploma thesis 2005

Hochschule für Gestaltung
Schwäbisch Gmünd

Prof. Frank Zebner
Kerstin Kaczmar