EBOCK – table frame with an electrical plug unit


Using a PC or laptop for work at the office, for telework at home, for virtual work in audio or video conferences – these are some of the current and future scenarios that require the use of worktables. The establishment of information and communication technologies in our everyday lives has become a reality and is expected to have an increasing impact on our lives in the future.

However, information and communication technologies have one thing in common: they require electricity. The chaos caused by running electric cables behind desks is all too common at modern workplaces. To remedy this situation, EBOCK (which originates from a simple yet highly pragmatic temporary solution) offers intelligent management of the cables necessary for information and communication technology and all other electrical devices.

EBOCK combines a six-plug unit with a table frame in one practical piece of furniture. It prevents cable chaos and ensures order. If a table is needed, EBOCK’s aluminum legs can be set up in a few seconds and are fixed using a spring system. During transportation, the legs can be stowed away in the storage space at the top. Excessively long cables can be stored in the recess between the table plate and the plug unit. Power supply for the six plugs is activated with a pull switch and indicated by a light-emitting diode.

Patrick Frey | Markus Boge

Diploma thesis 2002

Fachhochschule Hannover
Industrial Design

biotechsound. – digital musical instrument

Despite the key role our highly sensitive hearing plays in relation to our health and emotional balance, first and foremost we are influenced by visual impressions. In our highly engineered world, finding fascinating and accessible means of dealing actively with sounds and music are rare.

biotechsound is a concept for a digital musical instrument that provides access to more sensitive interfaces among people and offers digital opportunities beyond the keyboard, mouse or black box. The design demonstrates that study has been made into the characteristics of future products that will encourage more people to make music actively and increase their auditory sensitivity. The main feature is a combined display foil and pressure- and touch-sensitive surface into which various individualized items of hardware (keys, strings, etc.) can be inserted.

Jörn Vicari

Diplomarbeit 2003

Muthesius Hochschule Kiel

Prof. Ulrich Hirsch