Sub zero – manned submersible powered by fins


Powered by fins, Sub zero is a manned submarine for research as well as work purposes. What makes this model so unique is that the drive is up to 60% more efficient because it simulates the swimming movements of fish through “fluidic muscles.” The strength hull of the passengers, the high speeds it can reach, and its ability to dive dynamically result in its high-caliber performance.

Technical data
700 × 300 × 300mm
Model at a scale of 1:10

Christian Büttner


Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart

Prof. Karl Lehmann

Digitale Kamera für den fotografischen Amateurbereich – digital camera for amateur photographers


This digital camera model combines innovative technologies that will be available in the near future with a new appearance for a photo-optical device. The camera meets the requirements of a broad audience because it can be adjusted to meet diverse levels of professionalism thanks to its functionality and user-friendliness.

Technical data
Titanium, aluminum, plastic, rubber, digital camera technology
90 × 90 × 45mm

Andreas Frank


Hochschule für Kunst und Design, Halle

Prof. P. Jung
Prof. U. Kühnle

Faltfahrrad – folding bicycle

The idea behind the concept was to extend the acceptance and use of bicycles. Thanks to its ability to be folded, this bicycle is compatible with other means of transportation. The bicycle’s functions, including being easy to handle and fold, were the focus of its development.

Technical data
700 × 600 × 400mm
Model at a scale of 1:3

Alexander Otto