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A Collection for more Advertence

Inclusion is one of the current keywords and cannot be ignored in the linguistic usage. Talking about inclusion, appearance and outfit is often considered as not so important. This thesis wants to contradict this opinion. Our body is our screen, it is the showcase of our personality. With clothes and fashion we express our mood, liking, opinion, affiliation and delimitation. To be part of or to be against something and demonstrate this by means of fashion is a choice that should be individual. In the fashion industry there is alarmingly little representation of the actual diversity of bodies and the association with body images; though there are as much bodies as humans. 

Our body is a constant part of our identity. But identity is not only our own, core, personality but also what others see as our personality or think they see. As the human does not exist without body, socializing takes place in and by our body. In our bodies cultural attributes are engraved and because of these physical marks personal qualities are guessed. In the negative equivalent a standard is suggested where actually all can only fail. Reality and truth are expression of its respective time. But that means also, we can change both as well as our cognition and our physical ideal. To take part in the concept beauty and desire there need to be a visual maturity and for it diverse means to express the own personality and individuality. 

Fashion is a means of communication that creates pictures which significantly influences us, our environment and the behavior of our fellow people. At this point it was important for the collection to be functional without the aesthetic design standing back in favor of this functionality. Besides I wanted to communicate comfort, strength and progressive thinking. This work should not be a moralizing forefinger but rather initiate a dialog for more advertence and living together. Beauty is not restricted to the perfect snub nose or endless long legs. We find beauty mainly where we are engaged with our counterpart; when we celebrate and promote diversity. This collection is supposed to encourage other designers to deal with the society they want to live in and future will show, which ideas they will create. 

Jill Miriam Röbenack

bachelor thesis 2014

Westsächsische Hochschule Zwickau
Studiengang Gestaltung

Prof. Dorette Bárdos