Experience Language


designer’s future

“Experience Language” explores the designers’ possible future in a world, which is significantly altered by digitalization and globalization. It anticipates what could be expected by designers, as they incessantly ensure relevance for individuals and corporations in an increasingly faster moving environment. 

The „Experience Language“ model represents an idea on how designers could create value for companies, their stakeholders, individuals and the society, by focussing on agility, authenticity, openness and real individual needs. By this, they won’t design market-ready solutions, but brand related, delightful and customized moments of experience during usage. As being part of an interdisciplinary team, the designers constantly work on matching these moments of experience to the individual’s specific needs and expectations. By this, they continuously provide a currently most suitable way to fulfill them.

Steven Brüningk

master thesis 2016

Hochschule München
Advanced Design

Prof. Markus Frenzl
Prof. Xuyen Dam