A project for collaboration between craft and design in an intercultural context

The objective of the work was to investigate how a collaboration between craftsmen and designer can be conducted reasonably and which potential offers a cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary transfer of knowledge in the field of product design. A guideline as well as a process for product design for a better collaboration of craftsmen and designer were worked out and practically applied. Within the scope of this project two stools were developed in close cooperation with a Turkish and a German wickerwork designer. The aesthetics and function of the stools follow closely the “Tabure”stool that is very popular in Turkey. With a friendly “merhaba” (hello!) these stools invite for a short pause and for communication.

The even more substantial result of the early involvement of the craftsmen in the process of product design: Besides the products a novel manufacturing method for wickerwork was developed. The seating furniture is not as usual braided but in a special way wound. This methodology was only possible by the invention of an innovative gadget. 

The special characteristic of the “merhaba”stool is mainly the resources saving production and its high stability. By the innovative construction only 300 g wicker or 700 g chestnut chipping bear a static burden of over 160 kg. The innovative manufacturing facilitates the production of a product within little hours and allows a high diversity on forms and material. The variably adjustable gadget with its innovative methodology thus offers a high potential for further product design – not only with organic weaving material.

Only because of the close collaboration of designer and craftsmen during all stages of the product design – both within a culture group and cross-cultural – the innovative production methodology and the “merhaba” stools could result.

Susanne Honsa

master thesis 2016

Fachhochschule Salzburg
Studienfach Design und Produktmanagment

Mag. Dr. Michael Leube
Mag. Michael Ebner