A portable bathtub 

Intended for water, cut by water, formed by water. “Xtend” redefines the ordinary concept of a bathtub. Made with high-tech materials, through innovative manufacturing processes, it combines design, functionality and comfort. When folded, it becomes a 7 kilogram light, 8.5 millimetre thin plate that is highly mobile. When extended, its padded, machine washable fabric inlay provides a new bathing experience.

All components, such as the water inlet, legs and the fabric inlay can be attached to the plate for the purpose of transportation or storage, making assembly of the bathtub is fast and intuitive. Its design is determined by a contrasting yet complementary black and white colour scheme. The black frame is made of carbon fibres, transformed in an autoclave process and cut by a high-pressure water jet. The white inlay completes the tub with a three-layer structure of synthetic high-performance material (Prototype of Tyvek® soft structure, PrimaLoft® and an additional waterproof coating).

Not only is the fabric inlay waterproof, lightweight, durable and soft, it is also highly compressible, such that it can be stowed away in an ultra-thin case. The surface of the material smoothens out completely once the bathtub is filled with water. Take “Xtend” anywhere, as long as there’s a water connection. When the bath or soak is done, simply drain the water from “Xtend” via a pump system.

Carina Deuschl

diploma thesis 2015

Akademie der Bildenden 
Künste München
Studiengang Innenarchitektur

Modell- und Formenbau 
Blasius Gerg GmbH