About the creativity of the border

There is never enough. Enough time. Enough money. Enough possibilities. We live according to the motto: more and more, faster and faster, ever more boundless. How­ever, the boundless requirements are accommpanied by limited resources. We are so programmed for growth that we have all forgotten about to simply do nothing, to enjoy the rest and to refuel. In this race, attention and time become a scarce commodity. This gnaws on us and our creative power.

This work is about acceleration, boundaries and creativity. Can we find more creativity, more leisure, by setting limits – by restricting our possibilities, by defining a margin and focusing our attention?

Evi Ille

master thesis 2015

Hochschule Augsburg
Fakultät für Gestaltung, Design und Kommunikationsstrategie

Prof. Dr. Doris Binger
Prof. Ulrich Fleischmann