One wire, one surface. The work “setting” is about tension. To transform a flat surface into a three dimensional object.

The rectangular shaped PVC film is forced into its form by a steel wire setting. The wire is used to keep everything in place and to generate tension, and is, at the same time, the means to attach the brooch.

Every setting can be used in multiple ways to curve and deform different surfaces – sometimes just the slightest bit, sometimes to breaking point.

Ann-Kathrin Hartel

final thesis 2016

Akademie der Bildenden Künste Nürnberg,
Freie Kunst / Gold- und Silberschmieden

Prof. Suska Mackert





The assignment “The Body is Present” examines the character of the disciplines craft, design and art. Due to the physical severity, materiality or sheer refusal of practicality, the objects are removed from their function of wearing. Thus they change from practical design objects to pure art objects. They invite the viewer and “wearer” to discuss the supposed function of familiar things, and thus also to reflect on the task of the diverse disciplines. Where do they stand apart, what do they have in common, what can they achieve? 

An important task of both, art as well as design and craftsmanship, is always to respond to social conditions and changes. Things of everyday life have to arouse, irritate to be able to question generality.

Nadine Kuffner

free work 2016

Akademie der Bildenden Künste München
Klasse für Schmuck und Gerät

Prof. Karen Pontoppidan