Urushi Fountain Pen Project


Obtained from the resin of the Japanese varnish-tree, traditionally hand-applied and polished, Urushi varnishes achieve a surface quality and a deep luster, which is still unique today.

With the precious varnish, special objects such as fountain pens have been refined into exclusive individual pieces. Each writing instrument is a handmade unique one, equipped with an 18-carat gold quill. The work on one piece takes several months, since Urushi is applied in many individual glazing layers, each layer having to be completely hardened. The fountain pens are enhanced by a variety of bedding material, such as gold, silver or mother-of-pearl, in various techniques. 

As a further example of the possible use of the varnish, handles of Japanese kitchen knives or utility knives have been grafted.

Bastian Gröbel

final thesis 2014

Städtische Fachschule für  
Farb- und Lacktechnik München
Fachrichtung Gestalter

Prof. Jakob Thalmayr
Prof. Kurt Goerz