“Scale” is an acoustically effective plug-in module made of the fiber composite Nitona. The smart cut and folded modules are easily plugged into one another, where they hold together solely by the friction of the material surface. The cutting out of a wedge in the middle of the modules enables a flapping of 90°. An industrial hot glue dissolves the melt fibers in the material and fixes the elements in this position. A two-dimensional panel material thus becomes a three-dimensional, sound-absorbing design object which ensures optimum room acoustics on the wall and ceiling. The modules are placed in situ with special mounting modules. The individual elements can be joined optionally, thus offering individual design possibilities.

Vanessa Busemann
Felix Zebi

free work 2014
Hochschule Mainz
Studiengang Innenarchitektur

Prof. Bernd Benninghoff

Filzfabrik Fulda
M&K Filze
ERS EuRope-Systems