A desk that supports creative thinking and adapts to personal work. The idea, created out of the chaos and the long search for a suitable design project. The result, space and order, reduced to the essential. Geometrically cleared and structured.

Despite the unusual supporting system, the desk radiates self-assurance, calmness and familiarity through the color scheme and the underlying static logic. Defined surfaces, thought-out inserts, a flap which serves as a pinboard at the same time, and a monolithic drawer with a hidden magnetic lock rise up on a frame structure looking almost as grown. The form shows the design and values of traditional carpentry, but does not lose its relation to the modern zeitgeist. The work surface is reminiscent of the artworks of the famous Dutch artist from the Bauhaus era through the play of joints, surfaces and color. Desk – easy, plain and elaborate – Mondrian. 

Clemens Thalmeier

masterpiece 2015

Meisterschule für Schreiner 

Rudi Rehle