a textile renarration

Can an imitation be more authentic than its original? Common garments are becoming a prototype for and a starting point of a collection. The imitation is on a visual as well on a thematic level, always with a little wink and a hint of humour. The material used in the collection is an interplay with the relation between original and imitation: at the first sight it seems to be the original fabric, but if you look closer it’s quite different. The drapery is handcrafted and made of single sewing threads.

At first glance, it seems like well-known fabrics, but the second glance shows that the single yarn threads are grown together to the final garment. The idea behind is that a single thread could be understood as the most fundamental part of a garment. The production time, as well as seeing how the garment grows, shows the fascination for the special things in everyday occurrences. The result is “Fashion.Imitation”, a collection which started as an imitation but ended as an original. A personal homage to the everyday occurrences.

Anna Bornhold

master thesis 2015

Hochschule für Künste Bremen
Studiengang Integriertes Design

Prof. Kai Lehmann
Prof. Dorothea Mink