Mellow Drive


the first electric drive unit for almost every Longboard 

Developed in the first stages since 2014, the “Mellow Drive” is now the world’s smallest drive unit ready for series production and offers the city nomads a non-traffic-related movement on the last mile in urban metropolitan areas of Europe and the mega-cities of Asia. The fully-integrated drive in the castors and the exchangeable battery, embedded in the ultralight magnesium frame, allow the driver to navigate quickly through the urban jungle 15 km wide and up to 40 km/h with any Skatedeck without needing the easily exchangeable replacement battery. The driver takes control of the drive by means of the newly developed remote control, which allows a continously regulated speed and a powerful re-cooperating braking.

Christoph Philipp Schreiber

free work 2015 

Technische Universität Dresden
Studiengang Maschinenbau
Fachrichtung Technisches Design

Prof. Jens Krzywinski