A personal interpretation of paper as a material.The optical impression and surfaces of the containers stand in contrast to the assumed materiality. Inspiration came from the casting procedure using a “lost mould”, which is a traditional jewellery technique. In this way, the idea grew to mould bodies in paper and then to coat them in wax; the paper model is dissolved by pouring water into the mould. Softened in this way, the paper can be removed through the opening, and replaced by the actual paper fibre mixture. After a drying period of approximately six weeks, the work can be freed from the wax, just as you would peel an egg out of its shell.This technique does not mark the final stage of a development, but can even be the starting point for the development of diverse moulds for series with new content.


Freie Arbeit 2012
Akademie der Bildenden Künste München
Klasse für Schmuck und Gerät

Betreuer: Prof. Otto Künzli



A Strange Symphony provides a stage for the glass-making craft. At the core is the „blowpipe“, a glassmaker ́s tool, that has not been significantly altered in the past 2000 years.The 1.5-metre long steel pipe triggered questions like, “Is it possible to shape glass from the inside?” and “What happens if this instrument is altered and we thus interfere with the traditional glass-making process?” When transforming the tool into an instrument, the focus was placed on the dialogue between the glassmaker and the emerging glass shape. In this way, we not only focus on the final product, but also on its poetical-rhythmical genesis. With the help of the valves on the “blowpipe”, the craftsman can lend greater diversity to the internal form of the glass.


Bachelorarbeit 2012

Designacademy Eindhoven
Studiengang Man and Leisure

Betreuer: Prof. Wineke van Muiswinkel