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The act of translating changes that have taken place in our habitat into pieces of jewelry builds on the tradition of jewelry’s memory-preserving character. Thanks to the selected material – bricks from a torn-down house – every piece in the collection makes reference to a specific building and, at the same time, represents a personal memory.

It is because of the material that the collection focuses on the past, on transience, change, dissolution and memory. The melancholic moment of contrasting association – the bricks stand for encasement and consistency as well as the destruction and dissolution of living spaces – encounters the strictness of adherence to form.

The bricks have been processed using an angle grinder to bare their inner layers – marble-like entanglements of differently-colored clays or inclusions of varying graininess. Grooves milled into the sides make it possible to wear the pieces as necklaces; elements with oblong facets form into “pearl necklaces.”

Frauke Zabel

Free work 2011/2012

Academy of Fine Arts Munich
Class for Jewelry and Tools

Prof. Otto Künzli