The variable Raumteiler (partition wall) is characterized by the simple yet efficient combination of slats made of ash wood and textile panels. The elements can be aligned in a flexible manner and the panels can be exchanged easily. The slats are clamped between the floor and the ceiling in the room. The partition wall does not require any bores, bolts or fastenings and is intended to set individual accents, transform rooms or create a space to for retreat.

Appreciation of the winner
by Peter Nickl

In the beginning, interior designer Renate Rieder did not intend to create a partition wall; she simply was fascinated by the pliability of the wood and wanted to work with it.

The only type of wood that can be bent is ash; in the past it has been used to make skis. Renate Rieder decided to use the wood to build oversized slats that could be clamped together. Such slats require space, and at the same time they create space; hence, building a partition wall suggested itself.

The construction of Raumteiler is incredibly simple. The lengths of the slats correspond to normal ceiling height and can be clamped between the floor and the ceiling easily. A plastic string at each end ensures that no pressure marks are left on the floor or ceiling.

Users can arrange the slats in a room according to their taste – in a row, a semi-circle, a circle or alternating between convex and concave placement. The textile panels then are fastened between the slats, also leaving much room for designers to use their creativity. With its flowing textiles hanging loosely, Raumteiler can be walked through easily. The textile panels also can be inserted into the grooves on the sides of the slats and then fastened. To make these grooves, Rieder cooperated with a toolmaker to develop a special cutter head.

Both variations facilitate a range of surprisingly interesting aesthetic effects, depending on whether the textiles are coarse or smooth, matte or shiny, structured or pleated, monochrome or colorful, transparent or contrasting. The partition wall which was awarded a Bavarian State Prize impressed the jury with its formal generosity as well as its simplicity and functionality. Its parts are easy to assemble and disassemble, clean and store.

Raumteiler stands for the imaginative design of rooms that accommodate young people and their need to create their living space with as much mobility and flexibility as possible.

Technical data:
Ash wood, textile, plastic
2700 × 3500 mm

Renate Rieder