Roto Pro – compact helicopter

Be it building façades or cliffs – this compact one-person helicopter can be used anywhere when other helicopters have reached their limits. Because it can fly directly to the location of an injured person and land beside him or her, the Roto Pro provides new opportunities for rescuing and recovering accident victims. This is achieved not least by the special extension components, such as the modular transportation frame and the “Rescue Box,” or build-on elements such as snowboards, floats, a camera and a gripping arm.

Technical data:
2000 × 3200 × 2160mm
Model at a scale of 1:4

Manuel Aydt


Fachhochschule Pforzheim

Prof. Limberg
Prof. Schieschke

Grow – products made of genetically modified plants


The idea behind Grow  was to create architecture, furniture and lighting objects from genetically modified plants. The shapes and characteristics of the plants are influenced by altering the genetic information or by modifications made during growth. Even later, users can alter the characteristics of the meaty plants in a targeted manner, although the shapes cannot be defined in full. Every piece of furniture is a unique, living piece that wants to be taken care of.

Technical data:
Computer animation

Kai Uetrecht


Universität Essen

Prof. Obitz
Prof. Bolz