Trios in serie – serial trios

The design of the pieces in this trio is defined by the basic form which is the starting point of every piece. The temperature and atmosphere at which each piece is fired results in diverse shading in the materials. Their common basic form and colors connect the individual pieces into series of objects with functions yet to be defined.

Technical data
Ceramics (earthenware, stoneware, porcelain)
90 × 85 × 11mm
190 × 155 × 170mm
320 × 260 × 210mm

Katja Maechtel



Paralum – shield for privacy and against blinding


This shield has been designed to perform two functions: it can be used as protection against blinding, thanks to its adjustable height; and it can be used as a privacy shield. Paralum combines contemporary design and environmental necessity.

Technical data
Willow wood, aluminum
950 × 320mm

Franziska Morgenstern


Eine Art Trolley – a type of trolley

This trolley is a hand cart on two wheels that can be used to transport and store objects It requires only human power to operate. The innovation in the object’s design is underlined by its reduction to basic geometric shapes.

Technical data
Stainless steel, laminated wood, cast aluminum (casing)
700 × 700 × 700mm (cube)
Ø 1060mm (rings)

Roland Schüller



The objects have been designed to push the boundaries of traditional metal processing and explore new paths. They have in common a thin metal thread that is formed into an airy or tight net and the objects take on new shapes through diverse processing methods.

Technical data
Silver, stainless steel

Henriette Tomasi